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Who are we?

Lilly Isabella is a lifestyle and design business born out of a desire to create an alternative approach to modern living. Our core ethos is to adopt an authentic, original  and environmentally friendly approach to designing your home, personal style and life.

Our style is brave and eclectic, mixing the past with the present to create a truly unique look for today's world. We search out artisan pieces, sumptuous vintage materials and cutting edge designs. Some of the objects and clothes we use are from the high-street, some are vintage finds and some are bespoke pieces that we have made. The combination is original and charming.

Our design process is driven by three core elements: function, theme and individuality. Budgets can be stretched as our passion for up-cycling and flea markets can often result in truly precious finds.

Welcome to our world - doing our own thing, in our own way, without harming others.

The Environment

We are passionate about the environment - we already have so much why pollute our world further? Therefore all of our designs are either recycled or up-cycled. We also adore the glamour of a bygone era - why compromise on quality when you don't have to? Very often vintage materials and items are true works of art - made to last and made with love.

The Lilly Isabella 'detachment' sale & made to order range


A beautiful and eclectic collection of items for sale

Clothes, shoes, jewellery, handbags, artwork - a wonderfully curated selection of extraordinary items built up over the years. 

Here, we have a stunning Janet Reger dressing gown, size 12-14, £40


A wonderful opportunity to purchase items from a beautifully curated wardrobe, made with love

Some items are new, some are vintage and some are barely used but all are beautiful, different and bursting with personality, just waiting for someone to love and cherish them. 

Here, we have a fabulous pair of classic statement shoes from Vivienne Westwood, size 6, £70


Visit the Lilly Isabella facebbook page to purchase

If you would like to browse the items in the detachment sale, you simply need to like our facebook page - all of the items for sale are listed on there. If you would like to purchase an item, then please send a message via the website or facebook page, to request the item or ask for further information. An invoice for payment will be sent to you via Paypal, for security and peace of mind.

Don't worry we do accept returns as long as the items come back in the condition they were sent in!

Lilly Isabella is also launching her own label - designed and made with love. Quirky, eccentric and for life, a little bit like me! Our range will be launched from April onwards and will include: playsuits, sundresses, maxi dresses, summer coats, garden parasols and soft furnishings.

These dresses and playsuits in the picture opposite are samples from the Lilly Isabella label -. hand-made from vintage fabrics by local, artisan dress makers and designed by me. They are made to order start and at £100.

About the detachment sale



I wanted to share the reasons for my detachment sale with you all, as I think it might provide some food for thought and context.

For many years, I have had a toxic relationship with money. I have earned and spent enormous amounts, mainly on superficial, material things, to try and fill a void, that was never to be spoken of.

One day, I opened my eyes and saw the impact my addictive behaviour, was having on myself and my family. So, I decided to 'walk into the cave and face the fear'. I went into my own form of financial rehab. The first thing I did was write a brutally honest blog about it:

I then sat down with my husband, came clean (although he had already found my hidden debt but was waiting for me to be able to face it) and worked out a financial recovery plan, as well as some 'safety rules' to help me stay on track.

Christmas approached and I realised this was a risky time for me. So, I decided to embark upon a 30 day challenge in my nikdavis facebook group, entitled 'confessions of a financial addict'. This daily vlog kept me focused and shared the lessons and tips, I was learning going through this process, to help myself and others, who may also be in a similar situation. The vlogs can be found in the group - just click on the financial addiction topic button on the right of the page to see them or please do feel free to message me and I can send them to you.

During all of this time, I turned to others for inspiration and support. One of my main sources was Brené Brown, as her work on shame and vulnerability was in many ways, life saving for me. Her very first TED talk on vulnerability was transformational and I would urge you to watch it, no matter what addiction or baggage you may carry - it can only help, I promise:…

Another significant source of inspiration was Gabby Berstein and her book 'The Universe has your back', her TED talk is also here:

Following this initial stage of my financial rehab, I finally found myself able to enter the 'detachment' phase. The process whereby I could start to let go of my addiction to material things.

And so, each day for 30 days, I have added 3 items to my facebook page, which are for sale I also post highlights of them and my own designs on my instagram feed:  

So far I have raised £200 - an amazing feeling as I was actually able to buy my husband a present for valentines day out of this money rather on a credit card - one of the most liberating feelings I have had for a while!

Each day on my facebook page, I now re-post items that are still for sale as 'editors picks'. They are called that because they are some of my favourite things - true detachment.

All of the items for sale have been brought because they are beautiful but for me, not actually required - I have accumulated hundreds of dresses, shoes, bags - you name it, over a 20 year plus spending addiction habit.

I would like others to enjoy the beauty of the things I have purchased but do not need myself. I am using the proceeds of this sale to fund my grand adventures, whatever they may be.  

I am extremely grateful to all of you that have supported me in this venture and to those of you who have purchased some of my items, I hope they bring you much joy.

Please do feel free to share this story far and wide - not just to support the sale but also to share the story, which I so hope will help someone else too.

With much love
Nik xx


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