Design Rules

Personal Style

Don't wait until you lose weight, looking good is about here and now no matter what your size

You can never be 'over dressed' 'everyday is an occasion' (according to Daphne Guinness!)

Don't be snobby about where you source things - everything can be cleaned, mended and altered

Dress for yourself nobody else

Underwear and accessories are life changers

Don't follow the crowd, find your own style and lead the crowd

The Home

If something isn't functional it simply won't work no matter how pretty it looks

Smell is equally as important as look

Don't save things for 'best', today is as good as any day

Nothing is out of budget, it's just a matter of innovative sourcing and imagination

A home is just that, its doesn't need to be perfect just warm, welcoming and authentic

Art is a core part of the homes function and can come in many forms from your children's paintings to beautiful wrapping paper

New is not always best, artisan pieces from the past bring personality and depth to a modern home