Going With The Flow

As the seasons change so do we and the way we live our lives. 

As Autumn moves towards Winter we retreat into our homes and our style focuses on warmth and comfort. Entertaining is more intimate around the dining table. For those of you with smaller homes utilising all of your space well with multi-functional areas becomes a priority to accommodate all of your household comfortably. Our focus during this period is on candles, luxurious blankets and cushions, inviting snuggle and reading areas and of course, our own eccentric take on Christmas decorations.

As the spring moves towards summer our homes move from the inside out and our personal style becomes brighter and more flowing. Entertaining becomes less formal and nature provides a colourful background to our lives. Our focus during this period is on how to turn your outside living space into a stylish and functional home. Sumptuous garden parasols, quirky garden furniture and beautiful hand made decorations are all part of the look.